Why Budget?

Published on 22 May 2024 at 08:57

Saving for a home is a big deal, and a good budget makes it easier. It helps you set clear financial goals and tracks your progress. By seeing where your money goes, you can cut back on spending which will lead to saving more. A key feature of budgeting is to set aside money regularly to add to your savings over time.


A budget can also help you pay off debts faster, improving your credit score and saving interest. It can also help you from taking on new debt by making you more aware of your spending and avoiding unnecessary spending blowouts 😊.


Utilising a budgeting can reduce financial stress, because you know where you are and see a path forward, and it builds confidence in saving for a home. It often includes an emergency fund, covering unexpected costs and giving you peace of mind.


On the home buying front a budget helps you figure out what you can afford, preventing overborrowing when buying a home. Remember that lenders look at your spending habits, so a good budget can improve your mortgage approval chances.


Budgeting creates a solid financial foundation, helping you save for a home and prepare for the costs of owning one.

If you are not an Excel wiz click this link to go to Sorted.co.nz who have an pretty cool and easy budgeting model.  Happy budgeting!

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