Second-Tier Lenders?

Published on 11 March 2024 at 08:53

When it comes to getting a mortgage, most Kiwi’s head straight to the big banks – you know, the ones who have branches and advertise on the TV. But in New Zealand, there's also a number of second-tier lenders to consider – these guys are more under the radar but offer powerful alternatives to main banks.  Here’s why these alternative lending options can be pretty awesome.


First off, second-tier lenders are all about flexibility. Unlike the big banks, they're often more willing to work with you, especially if your financial situation isn't vanilla. Whether you're self-employed or a property investor, they've got loan options that fit your needs.


Speed is another biggie. Second-tier lenders can often get you approved and access your cash way faster than if you went with a big bank.


The good thing about second-tier lenders is that they are willing to offer a lifeline to people with imperfect credit scores. They know that sometimes things get tight paying bills and mistakes happen that result in adverse credit scores/history but they are willing to work with many people in this situation.


Sure, their interest rates might be a tad higher but if you're in the market for a mortgage and the main bank says no, there are viable options to consider in the second-tier market – we do 😊.


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