Key OCR Dates for 2024

Published on 21 January 2024 at 08:50

When the Official Cash Rate (OCR) changes, so too does the cost of borrowing and servicing a mortgage.  Moves in the OCR does not change all mortgage rates to the same extent with the biggest impact being on shorter mortgage terms, for example terms of a year or less.  So, you can see why a lot of us keep an eye on these announcements.


There are two categories of OCR announcements throughout the year. The more comprehensive ones are the Quarterly Monetary Policy Statements (highlighted in bold), often involving revisions to Reserve Bank of New Zealand. On the other hand, Monetary Policy Reviews serve as interim updates or check-ins between the more detailed announcements.


Here’s the full list of dates for 2024:

  • 28nd February - Monetary Policy Statement & OCR
  • 10th April - Monetary Policy Review & OCR
  • 222th May - Monetary Policy Statement & OCR
  • 10th July - Monetary Policy Review & OCR
  • 14th August - Monetary Policy Statement & OCR
  • 9th October - Monetary Policy Review & OCR
  • 27th November - Monetary Policy Statement & OCR

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