Interest Rates - where are they heading?

Published on 24 October 2023 at 14:12

Riding the Interest Rate Wave: What's Happening Right Now!


Hey there, team! Let's talk about the real deal behind those interest rates that have everyone buzzing! It's been a bit like our Spring weather, you know, all over the place! Not quite four seasons in one day but market rates are still quite volatile …kind of like having to fiddle with our heaters this time of year. Here’s the lowdown on what's been going down and what we can expect:


Interest rates are hovering near their peak, but buckle up for some minor ups and downs in the next 6 months due to global uncertainties – conflict in the Middle East will have some impact…for now, very difficult to say what and to what level. The economic stage is a bit wobbly right now, so expect some twists and turns in the interest rate saga. It’s like a rollercoaster ride – thrilling, a bit nerve-wracking, but hey, that's the game!


The current high-interest rate party won't last forever – rates are expected to drop once inflationary pressures ease off. Think of it like a wild dance party that’s slowly winding down. When things cool off, we can expect those rates to hit a more comfortable rhythm, making it easier for everyone to join the party.


The Reserve Bank thinks a stable interest rate playground should be around 5%. Stability is the name of the game. The Reserve Bank aims for a sweet spot where everyone can enjoy economic stability without too many financial hiccups. It's like finding that perfect playlist that keeps the vibe just right.


Major rate cuts? Not likely in the next 6 months. While we'd all love a sudden drop in interest rates, the reality is a bit more steady. Expect the rates to remain relatively consistent in the near future, with any significant changes taking their time to unfold.


The change in government, and their promised policy changes, could create a surge in property interest, so keep an eye on the political scene – it might just impact your dream home’s price tag.  “Get in now/soon” seems to be the call for First Home Buyers


New Zealand’s property prices? They look to have hit rock bottom in almost all regions. Good news for house hunters then – prices have bottomed out. It’s like finding a hidden gem at the bottom of a treasure chest. Now might be the perfect time to start your property hunt in this beautiful city.  Also a great time to upgrade to your next home (see more on this here).


First-time homebuyers, your golden time might be before 2023 wraps up or early 2024. The window of opportunity is wide open! Take advantage of the current market dynamics, and you might just find your dream home without breaking the bank. Start your house hunt now and make those dreams a reality.


As for property investors, you might want to sit tight, especially with possible government and tax policy changes on the horizon. Investors, it’s a waiting game. Keep a close watch on the political landscape and policy changes. Being patient might just pay off in the long run.


Stay tuned, folks! The real estate rollercoaster is full of surprises, but armed with this knowledge, you can navigate the twists and turns with greater confidence!

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