Is Life Insurance Worth It??

Published on 15 August 2023 at 15:00

Curious about the true value of life and disability insurance? My view is that it forms an indispensable pillar of your personal protection plan.


Don't let cost misconceptions cloud your judgment – the question is, can you afford not to prioritise this crucial safeguard?


Life & Disability insurance isn't just an expense; it's a lifeline for your loved ones precisely when they need it most. Imagine the comfort of knowing they can navigate life's challenges with financial stability. While life insurance doesn't replace comprehensive retirement planning, it's a wise investment that provides a substantial tax-free sum to your family if the unthinkable occurs. And here's the kicker – the cost is a mere fraction of the potential payout.


But be careful. Opting for lesser coverage to save cash might risk long-term security. Picture this: lump-sum payouts or a steady monthly income in the event of your passing or inability to work due to illness or accident. Your family can use these funds to cover debts (think mortgage, car repayments), living costs, and ensure a bright future. Premiums depend on factors like age, health, occupation, and policy duration.


The real power of this insurance comes into play if you have a vital financial role for others – whether it's kids, a partner, or parents. Vital for mortgages and soaring living expenses, it steps in as income replacement, debt settler, education financier, and even caregiving supporter.


Not having life & disability insurance? Picture your loved ones struggling during a crisis. Now, envision relief, protection, and stability. The choice is clear....I think so at least.


Sure, there are scenarios where life insurance isn't the top priority. If you lack dependents, have alternate coverage, a financially savvy partner, backup resources, or government assistance, it might not be your immediate focus.


Rest easy with MortgageMe. Our certified Financial Advisors are your partners in choosing the right life insurance policy. Secure your family's well-being when it matters most.


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